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Defensive Tactics

Region: Other
Duration: 8 hours
Tuition: 85.00


This 8 hour certification course is a comprehensive unarmed defensive tactics program that trains officers how to use effective less-lethal force in a reasonable manner, and within generally acceptable use of force guidelines. MDTS is more than just another defensive tactics program - it is a truly comprehensive system. MDTS serves as the "foundation" for all use-of-force training. MDTS allows for integration of straight baton, OC/CS aerosol sprays, handcuffing, weapon retention, firearms and other force options. This program covers ; Vulnerable Parts and Natural Weapons of the Human Body, Principles of Subject Control, Defensive Stance, Patterns Of Movement, Escort Positions, Restraint Techniques (Wristlocks and Armlocks), Takedown Techniques and Combinations, Distraction Techniques, Counters to Punches, Chokes and Kicks, Counter-Striking Skills Weapon Shielding. Students will be required to pass a written examination and a practical proficiency test.

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