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Handgun Skill Development: Level I

Region: Cleveland
Duration: 5 Hours (2 hours classroom + 3 hours range)
Tuition: 75.00
Prerequisites: Students must be 21 years old and have handgun shooting experience by means of CHL Class, NRA Pistol Course, OPOTC 20 Hour Class or by the discretion of the Instructor prior to class registration
Requirements: Students must provide suitable Handgun and 150 rounds of ammunition



This course is designed to develop a handgun shooter’s understanding of the fundamentals which in turn will provide them the skill set necessary to place shots on target with greater accuracy and consistency.  The mechanics of Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture and Trigger Management will be analyzed and applied during dry fire and live fire drills.  This course will provide each student with the necessary tools to continue the development of their skills on their own at the range or with dry fire practice.

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