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Canine Services

Early detection and intervention is the single most important issue in the prevention of a violent act at school, work or home.  The same can be said for a person that is addicted to or may become addicted to narcotics.  Until now, parents, school administrators and employers were limited to mere speculation as to whether or not drugs or explosives were being made, possessed, or used.  Our K-9 teams are highly trained in not only detecting with their K-9 partners but also in identifying the telltale signs of drug and explosives possession even if the substances themselves are not present.  By contacting Tenable Protective Services we can help discover problems with drugs and explosives before the problem becomes too large, resulting in a tragic occurrence.

Narcotic Inspections

Tenable Protective Services is a private company committed to providing you with a way to ensure a drug free workplace, school and home.  The use and sale of illegal drugs is prevalent and continues to be a problem facing all employers, parents and school administrators.  In the work place, using illegal drugs decreases the quality of work and productivity, and will ultimately increase health care costs to your company.  The damaging effects of drug addiction are equally costly to the family, often resulting in lost wages, social withdrawal, violence and suicide.

Tenable Protective Services offers the opportunity to find out if your employees, students or loved ones are using, shipping or selling illegal drugs without direct involvement with law enforcement.  Our methods can be used to sweep office complexes, company parking lots, factories, schools, warehouses, and lockers.  We are able to perform searches during non-intrusive times to minimize the interruption of day-to-day work activities, or respond during prime working hours to maximize effectiveness of deterrent oriented programs.

When our K-9 teams indicate that drugs or drug paraphernalia may be present, the client will be notified to discuss where and when the indication was made.  The client may use this information to perform its own internal investigation and determine whether or not there is a need to develop company policies to stop the use of illegal drugs in the workplace or begin intervention with loved ones.

Explosive Inspections

Our goal is to provide public and private industry, including schools, residential properties, religious institutions, dignitaries special and sporting events with a safe work and living environment.  In the past few years there has been a steady increase in threats of and the use of explosive devices in our work place and our schools.

We offer you the opportunity to investigate and detect explosive devices that may be located within your environment.  K-9 explosive inspection capabilities are becoming a critical tool in the safety and security of our nation.  Our methods can be used to inspect office complexes, stadiums, religious institutions, parking lots, factories, schools, warehouses, and private residences.  We are able to perform searches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our professional teams conduct non-intrusive searches and minimize the interruption of your day-to-day work activities.

Team Training

Our K-9 Teams are trained to meet and exceed the certification guidelines set by not only the State of Ohio but that of the North American Police Work Dog Association.  On a weekly basis, each team is called out to one of our many training areas that include corporate offices, schools, stadiums, factories, parking lots, apartment buildings and residential areas.  During training, our trainers make use of various true to life techniques in the concealment of explosives and narcotics.  Our teams conduct pre-inspections using the skills and experience that they have acquired in order to formulate a target search area.  Once the pre-inspection in complete, our K-9’s are deployed into the target areas.

Our K-9 Teams are capable of detecting trace amounts of numerous narcotic and explosive compounds.  During our training we constantly challenge our teams with scenarios that range from the use of the most common, easily assessable compounds as well as those compounds that are difficult to obtain.

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