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Event Services Staff

Tenable Event Services is comprised of Tenable staff team members that provide courteous, firm, service to all who attend our events. The success of the Event Services Division team members rests upon the four cornerstones of the organization:

  • Service
  • Courtesy
  • Knowledge
  • Pride

Our event services and crowd management team members are responsible for facilitating hospitality, care, welfare, safety, and security of our guests and patrons of the events and venues with which we are associated.

Event Services Staff Members are the front-line of the promoter's team and integral partners in every event with which we are involved.  We are often the first persons to be seen at an event and the first impression the guest will receive. In many instances, Tenable is the reason that a guest comes back. Tenable Event Services is a professional provider of event related services.  The primary objective of Tenable's Team is to use observation and communication skills in addition to the training provided to assist the promoter in ensuring the enjoyment of every guest.

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