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Tenable Investigative Services

Tenable Investigative Services, a Division of Tenable Protective Services Special Services Group, offers both professional civil and criminal investigations throughout the states of Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. We have offices in Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Akron, and Toledo.

Our investigative staffs are life long professionals with years of experience in both the private and public sectors. Not only are they members of national and state organization such as: ASIS, NCISS, OASIS, CFE; they are Executive Directors, Chairmen, and members of several organization’s Board of Directors. They are the premier investigators in their respective fields. They are college professors and published authors who maintain leadership positions within their local communities. They are not followers, they are the leaders in the investigative community dedicated to finding the truth for their clients.

Tenable Investigative Services’ duty is to provide their respective clients with the most factual information available so that their clients can obtain a resolution, make an informed decision, or have the knowledge that they know everything there is to know on a specific issue.

Some of Tenable Investigative Services include:

  • "WebChecks" - As required by the State of Ohio, criminal background fingerprint checks through the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCI&I). Moblie "WebCheck" also available. Click on our Background Checks link.
  • FBI Background Checks - As required by the State of Ohio for certain jobs. Click on our Background Checks link.
  • All Civil and Criminal
  • Worker’s Compensation cases
  • Professional Process Service
  • Stationary and Mobile Video Surveillance
  • Domestic and Marital cases
  • Child Custody, Abuse, and Neglect cases
  • Fraud
  • Pre-Employment Background Screening and Due Diligence
  • Pre-Trial and Litigation Support (includes witness locations, statements, etc…)
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